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by Andorra

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--Kevin McCall -- lead vocals, lead guitar (tracks 1-4, 8, 10) acoustic guitar (track 4, 6, 8) rhythm guitar, bass (1-3) claps (track 2, 8) whispers (track 2, 9) gong (11)
--Jordan Petrellis -- drums, vocals (track 1, 11)
--Michael Trycieckyj -- vocals (track 7, 9, 11) bass (track 6) claps (track 2) harmonies (track 2, 7, 11) Theremin (track 1) viola (track 1) whispers (track 2)
--Mike Weiser -- vocals (track 1, 5-7,11) low growls (track 9) tambourine (track 5, 6, 8, 11) claps (track 2, 8) delay guitars, MIDI synth (track 10) whispers (track 2) bells (track 4, 11) maracas (2, 6)
--Anthony Pergiovanni -- bass (tracks
4, 5, 7-11)
--Steve Angello -- lead vocals (track 6)
--Mike Yaeger -- lead guitar (track 11)
--Casey Kreines-- lead guitar (tracks 7, 9)
--Tommy Leahy -- lead guitar (track 5)
--Will Thornton -- trombone (track 10)
--Colin McCarthy -- trumpet (track 10)

Artwork by Ashley Bradley
Produced by Mike Weiser & Andorra
Mixed by Mike Weiser
Mastered by Scott Hull

We'd like to thank:
Our families, the Weiser family, the Escape, Sleeptalk, Michael Trycieckyj, Mathew Gianitsos, Eddie Shaw, the Tronoski family, Bill Mathis, Connor Martin, Nick Malfara, the Whitpain Tavern, Egocentric Plastic Men, Steve Cermanski, Maria Borda, Amy Johnson, Your Local Note, Susie Sanchez, Daniel Kappler, Troy Thurston, Mike Naples, the Bradley family, Gerald Lorenzo, Ambler Mennonite Church Committee, the McCarthy family, William Thornton, the Leahy family
& to everyone that bought, stole, or downloaded this album!


released January 6, 2015



all rights reserved


Andorra Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alternative rock from Philadelphia, PA.

Sweaty, bearded, boozehounds:
Kevin McCall
Jordan Petrellis
Mike Trycieckyj
Dante DiLoreto

instagram: @andorra_music
twitter: @andorramusic
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Track Name: Wired
I’m still wired from before
Shake my hand through the door
I’m a nervous wreck to sink
Ship me off with what you think

Lick my wounds till they dry
Got my neck wrapped up in a tie
and if I start to sound redundant
That’s because I am redundant

My dear lover
I’ve been restless
Now I know that

All my life I’ve
Wasted counting
Times I’ve felt so dull

I’m still wired from before
je suis bien éduqué par jour
While the first cut is always the deepest
The only thing that gets me to sleep is
Spare me a dose of Lunesta
Etc, etc, etc, etc

Bedside mannors
Have me reckless
Now I know that

And all my life I’ve
Wasted counting
Times I’ve felt so dull

Over my dead body
With a heart so heavy
It weighs me down
It weighs me down
Track Name: Black & Blue
Black and blue
Thoughts from you
You can’t take me under
You can’t take me under
Tell me how, how does it feel?
Tell me how does it feel?

Why don’t you go tell someone
Why don’t you go tell someone
Who actually cares?

Wrench me back together
Wrench me back
There’s screws missing up there,
There’s screws missing
Tell me how, how does it feel?
Tell me how does it feel?
Track Name: What Goes Around
Wont you take a picture
To make it last longer
But you’ll just turn away
you’ll just turn to faith
I used to talk about
You still talk about
and me watch you hang around
On someone else’s noose
Neever gonna come back down
Never gonna come back

What goes around comes around
Ain’t that right
What goes around comes around
Ain’t that right

And you dont gotta go home
You just can’t stay here
I hate to see you go
But love to watch you leave
I used to laugh about it
You still laugh about
And I’ll watch you hang around
On this here chandler
Swing me back and forth
I’m never gonna let it go

And I’ve got a checklist in my head
of all the things you ever did
and someone said you’re almost dead
And I was wondering when you’d make it
Up to me cause all I ever wanted to be was at peace
Track Name: Tell Me Father
Spitting image of me
Im living with an amputee

Delicate and bittersweet
either one
I can't seem to meet
It hangs around
its hung from a hook
the girls they stare they
they give these looks
and everybody’s got something to say
it bothers me more everyday

Tell me father does the sun (son) does it hurt your skin?
‘Cause it”s killing me right now

Don’t give me your sympathy
I'm nobody’s refugee
But its funny how
Im stuck in slow motion
I’m vulnerable
and out in the open
I’ll turn away
and turn my back
I’m falling off and
onto the tracks
I’m handicap, handicap

And the sun don’t warm
what it don’t see
and that don’t me
take it out on me

Try your best
Not to bleed
you wear your heart on
your sleeve
Track Name: Ain't It A Shame
How considerate
bummin’ me a cigarette
Thanks for me thoughtful
But that’ll be it though

That ain’t right
you left without a light
Damn this drag,
the one I never had

I’ve got your picture on my camera
losing stamina
faster than the last time
This’ll be the last time

Ain’t it a shame the way I let you back in my brain
Ain’t it a shame the way I can’t take the blame
Ain’t it a shame the way I let you back in my brain

Your nicotine addiction
Is building up friction
in the back of my throat but I can only hope

Ooo la la la la
Track Name: Turn Me (ft. Steve Angello of the Escape)
That tattoo on you
Looks a little faded
It used to be a greyish-blue
I bet you even hate it

You wear me out
You wear me down

Our colors compliment each other oh so well

Turn me around
And I will humble you out

Your cross and chain are oxidized
That hand-me-down is getting old
Its your most coveted prize
But it was never really made of gold

And your rolling rock t-shirt
The one with all the paint stains
I never meant to make you hurt
But baby Im afriad

You wear me out
You wear me down

Track Name: Still Got Me
Don’t tell me where my heart’s at
I already know
You got it in your hands
‘Cause you took it from my chest
And I’ll steal it back
and I bet we’ll do it again

Yeah, you still got me
And the rest of your life

Yeah ya do

Don’t tell me what my job is
I know how to do it
You’re never satisfied
With any of my work
But that’s alright
I bet we’ll do it again

And I’m not sticking around no more
do you blame me?
Track Name: 6 AM
I remember when it was only 6am
and that was a long time ago
and we’ve been sittin’ here for a couple hours or so
Well maybe I don't know oh, oh
You’re making me hot
With your winter coat on in this bloody summer weather
The shade will fade
Just like me and you
You know how we do hey, hey.

Because the sun
Hurts my eyes
and I can die now it’d be fine

And you’re the only one that makes me feel
The way I do oo, oo, oo
Let’s watch a movie
We’ll relate the best
And you’re making me stress uh huh
The shade will fade
Just like me and you
You know how we do hey, hey
Track Name: Oh, Gerald
Oh, Gerard
Eat shit and die
Oh, Gerard
Nobody loves you and neither do I
Oh, Gerard
Forgot your birthday

A pity party
All by myself
A pity party
I drink for my health

Oh, Gerard
Go play in traffic
Oh, Gerard
Go jump out of a plane with no parachute
Oh, Gerard
Nobody cares
Track Name: Suits
I know a shakedown
When I see one
Good old fashioned
Good cop, bad cop scare tactics
Said I seen you before
Said I seen you around

But I’m not about to crack
No about to crack

I’ll talk once my lawyer gets back

I know a dirty
Cop when I see one
Rolling around in mud having all of your fun
and all your new tricks
Are making me nervous
Stand in a number line
and won’t you take your picks

‘Cause I’m just about to crack
Just about to crack

I’ll talk once my lawyer gets back

You’ve got the wrong man
I’ll prove it somehow
and I’ll take my phone call now
I’ll make up something
To buy some time
But I’m not guilty for your crimes
Track Name: The End
This is not the end
But where do I begin?
It’s been so long
Since I knew

Punch me I will bleed
I want you to see
How I laugh
To hide my hurt

And this long ruined road
Takes time to get home
But when I do
It’s on you

Walk with me Mary Jane, I'll tell you everything
Talk with me I heard that you’re getting married
My drowsy voice hides underneath this crowded city’s traffic
And you say I’m different, and I feel different let’s pick up where we left off
But where was that? Riddle me that, I think it’s best that I leave

But how you getting home?

This will be the start
And I will play the part