What You Wanted - EP

by Andorra

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Part 1 of 3


released May 26, 2017

Kevin McCall - vocals, guitar
Jordan Petrellis - drums
Michael Trycieckyj - bass, vocals, keys
Dante DiLoreto - guitar

Recorded, mixed, & produced by Mike Weiser and Steve Angello of Cardinal Recordings
Mastered by Jordan Petrellis and Michael Trycieckyj

Track 1 drums and lead guitars recorded at Darla Hood Productions
Tracks 2-5 drums, bass, keys recorded by Michael Trycieckyj at Megan Circle Sounds

Artwork by Alex Pereira



all rights reserved


Andorra Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alternative rock from Philadelphia, PA.

Sweaty, bearded, boozehounds:
Kevin McCall
Jordan Petrellis
Mike Trycieckyj
Dante DiLoreto

instagram: @andorra_music
twitter: @andorramusic
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Track Name: Four Corners
Suiting up my armor
To fight off all my skeletons
And all the ones I used to know
Now hang around my bed post

Weighing out the pros and cons
And counting cracks in the ceiling
I’m waiting on someone to help me shake this feeling.

Four corners
In my room
The place where I lose myself

Suiting up my armor
And all the photos on my bureau
Take me where I wanna be
Even while these white walls haunt me

Behind closed doors
I let the time pass
Track Name: Habits
Fill my ego
The one clouded ‘round my head
You think I got nothing left
You think I got nothing left
But my luck
Yeah it stuck

Drain my tank
The one on the passenger side
You say I got something to hide
You say I got something to hide
Like my thoughts
Yeah they’re lost

And it seems
What you mean to me
Means nothing now

Cause you dropped me like a bad habit
And how do I forget that?

Break my halo
The one with the rusted ring
I thought I said everything
I thought I said everything
And more
Are you keeping score?

And it seems
What you mean to me
Got the best of me
And it means nothing now

It used to be
Easier on me
But where did it go?
You’re putting words
In my mouth
I’m taking them out
Track Name: Elephants
Dress me up in red
Plaid red
Thoughts go through my head
My broken head

This is what you wanted
This is what you got

So put me in my place
This familiar place
And talk about your place
Your slow pace

This is what you wanted
This is what you got

Give me my space
I just need to breathe
Give me my space
Smothering me

Put me on the shelf
The dusty shelf
And talk about your health
Your poor health

This is what you wanted
This is what you got

And I love you dearly
But I just caught your cough
I love you dearly
So back the hell off.
Track Name: (A Bad Taste) Boulders
Uncle Jimmy,
No one’s coming to your funeral
And I feel bad about it
But I don’t blame them at all

And anyone could fuck
Never saw your kids grow up

Changed your ways in your dying days
Too little too late
Better late than never, I’d always say

You put this bad taste in my mouth
And for my mother’s sake, I’ll take it out
But how do you get to sleep at night?
Knowing all the wrongs you can’t make right.

Won’t you dial back
Picking up on all your slack
From this mess you made
You’ll take it with you to your grave

I’m better off now.

Cause I’m rolling boulders now.

And I used to be a rolling stone
Wherever I laid my hate I called my home

I’m rolling boulders now.

I took this bad taste out my mouth
And how could I ever hate you now?
Track Name: Can't Run Forever
I know
It’s still there
I feel you
Take your time
Let it ride
Hurry up
I’m getting tired

Cause you can’t run forever

I know
You see
Inside of me
Take your time
Let it ride
Hurry up
I’m getting tired

Cause you can’t run forever